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First Choice Home Care provides personal care and companionship services allowing our clients to remain safely and comfortably in their own homes.   Research shows that people stay healthier and recover more quickly from illness or surgery in the comfort of their own home.

In today’s world, our busy lifestyles most often call for the need of outside assistance in order to keep a loved one safely at home. Fortunately, First Choice Home Care can provide the necessary help to meet the daily needs of the child or adult.  First Choice Home Care offers a variety of services, with many different pay sources:

CAP-DA (Community Alternative Programs – Disabled Adults)

CAP-C (Community Alternative Programs – Children)

PDN (Private Duty Nursing)

Private Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Self Pay

At First Choice Home Care, our nursing staff is licensed and certified by the state of North Carolina.  Continuing education for our nursing staff keeps them current on the latest medical information.  Each of our professional staff has undergone criminal background checks.

How to get Started

The first step is to contact First Choice Home Care.  One of our Registered Nurses will make an appointment with you and conduct an assessment of you or a family members home care needs.

The Assessment

A Registered Nurse will then review the client's health and ability to perform activities of daily living to determine an appropriate plan of care.  Our plan of care is customized to meet the needs of each person and their family.

Plan of Care & Family Agreement

We will provide the family with a written care plan that outlines specific services appropriate for our new client.  The specific care schedule is reviewed with legal guardians or other responsible family members and service agreements are signed.


First Choice Home Care’s Registered Nurse continues to monitor our clients' condition and to update the care plan as needed.  Visits are made to client's homes to review the plan of care and assess the client and caregiver relationship. Caregivers perform daily documentation of our client's care.

If the Client is already at Home
  1. The client family member, friend may make a referral.

  2. When necessary, the nurse will contact the physician for orders.

  3. After the physician has made the referral to First Choice Home Care, the family may call with any questions about the referral.

  4. If there is a question as to if the client qualifies for home care services, First Choice Home Care can provide an evaluation visit to determine eligibility.

From Hospital to Home Care
  1. The client or family member/guardian may want to make a request of the physician and hospital discharge planner that they want a Home Care referral to First Choice Home Care.

  2. If you do not specify a particular agency, the physician or hospital discharge planner can randomly select any agency for you.

  3. In most situations, First Choice Home Care will accept a client upon receipt of the physician/discharge planner referral.

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